A Collective Effort

We believe that the only way to get to the top of the mountain to plant your flag is with the right team. At Flagstaff, we consider ourselves a part of our founders’ teams.  We invest in pre-seed and seed stage consumer companies because we believe consumer startups are underserved.  Our founder has been on the other side of the table and built a consumer unicorn.  All of us are former operators who understand how messy things can get in the real world.

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We understand your challenges.

Managing Partner

Craig Weiss

Craig Weiss, Founder of Flagstaff Ventures, is a former patent attorney turned serial entrepreneur.

As the former CEO of NJOY, he led the company to a $1B valuation, raising $200M in equity.

Recognized by Goldman Sachs as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Innovators and a Forbes Disruptor, Craig’s expertise in scaling consumer brands makes him an invaluable partner for startups seeking growth and long-term success.


Charles Mitchell

As CEO of recruiting firm All About People, Charles has placed 25K+ employees in companies like Amazon, Nike, and McDonald’s.


Andy Richman

A healthtech and data analytics veteran, Andy’s entrepreneurial expertise in CPG, tech, and digital media strengthens the fund’s strategic approach.


Michael Ambrosino

An early Bitcoin adopter and founder of The Profile Firm, Michael’s experience in technical talent recruitment bolsters the fund’s industry knowledge.


Robert Vera

As the founding Executive Director of GCU’s Canyon Ventures Center, Robert’s expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship enriches the fund’s strategic guidance.

Venture Partner

Adam Owett

A creative powerhouse, Adam’s experience as Arcade Creative Group’s founder and EVP at Sony Music Creative Group drives brand innovation.

Venture Partner

Prof. Jonah Berger

Esteemed Wharton Marketing professor and bestselling author, Jonah’s expert insights on consumer behavior and virality fuel the fund’s strategic edge.

Venture Partner

Dr. Dustin Burleson

A successful orthodontist and entrepreneur, Dustin’s hands-on experience in healthcare and business development enhances the fund’s industry expertise.

The Flagstaff strategy—our approach.



Embracing pre-revenue opportunities, we leverage our talent evaluation expertise to capitalize on high-reward ventures.



Prioritizing premium brands, we believe in the power of trademarks over patents, driving impressive valuations in consumer businesses.


Supporting diversity

We believe that a diverse and inclusive company is essential for innovation, growth, and long term success. Women currently lead half of our portfolio companies


Hands On

Try your product, use your product, give extensive feedback. Continue to iterate together. 

Portfolio companies

Enabling affordable legal services for everyone.

Premium twice-fried french fry manufacturer w/ celebrity + award winning clients.

For last minute, impossible to get reservations.

Superfood smoothie pops. Delicious and healthy.

A social network to share investment strategies.

A data driven, kinder kind of Swim Wear.

Dollar Shave Club for retainers.

Fully customizable, perfectly-fitted mouthguards.

Conscious cereal with a brand telling the story.

Unbelievably delicious, plant-based food. Made for chefs.

A breath work app that utilizes holotropic breathing to improve performance.

Disrupting the largest segment of the wine industry, boxed. Premium boxed wine

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